Visit to the House of Arts in Bischwiller


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This charming 17th century Alsatian house has been the home and workplace of two generations of local artists. Preserving and promoting the local historical and artistic heritage is the mission of the museum it houses today.

Several techniques are presented in the permanent collections regularly exhibited in the museum: painting, engraving, drawing, marquetry and sculpture. Come and discover the work of the marker Henri Baumer (1876-1968), his son-in-law, the painter Philippe Steinmetz (1900-1987) and their friends the painter Paul Weiss (1896-1961) and the sculptor Daniel Meyer (1908-1993).

During four to five months a year, the Maison des Arts offers temporary exhibitions related to current events and/or the collections of the museums of Bischwiller.


from 14 April to 15 December October, every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm
Closed on public holidays and on 10 and 11 August - closed between 23 September and 11 October.


03 88 53 71 54

Maison des Arts

The Maison des Arts presents the city's fine arts collection. This old Alsatian house dating from the 17th century was the home of the cabinetmaker/marker and painter Henri Baumer (1876-1968) and his son-in-law the painter Philippe Steinmetz (1900-1987). It is in this artistic continuity that the City Council decided, in the early 2000s, to make it the City's fine arts museum. Since then, the collections have been enriched with works by the sculptor and engraver Daniel Meyer and the painter Paul Weiss.