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Musée de la Lunette

Located in Morez, the world's birthplace of eyewear, the Musée de la Lunette invites visitors to discover the history of eyewear, which began in 1796 with the manufacture of a nail. Thanks to their ingenuity and know-how, the people of the Haut-Jurassie subsequently developed a veritable industrial sector, recognised the world over for its creativity and quality.

Opened in 2003 in a resolutely contemporary building, the Musée de la Lunette is unique in France, and indeed in the world, because there are only two public museums of this kind in France and Italy (excluding private collections). The museum has been awarded the "Musée de France" label by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication, as well as the "Tourism and Disability" (mental and hearing) and "Quality Tourism" labels. It is also accessible to people with motor disabilities.