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Site Nordique du Val de Morteau

Located in the north of the Jura Mountains, in the department of Doubs, the Val de Morteau offers many possibilities in terms of Nordic leisure activities. Its easy access and its numerous services make it a family resort, ideal for first time mountain climbers
Official starting point of the GTJ cross-country skiing (which links Meix-Musy to Giron (Ain)), the Val de Morteau is the northern gateway to the cross-country skiing kingdom of the Jura Massif. It is composed of 2 main Nordic sites: the Franco-Swiss ridges (the Gardot) and the Combes. Thanks to its border position with Switzerland and the reciprocal agreement between the two countries, it is easy to cross the border on skis.

The Val de Morteau is also the ideal place to indulge in other winter activities: snowshoeing, play areas, toboggan runs, downhill skiing, on the Meix-Musy, Chauffaud or Bonade slopes, an alpine area for beginners to more experienced skiers.

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