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Site Nordique de la Haute Joux - Cerniébaud - Mignovillard

Situated astride the Jura and Doubs départements, the Haute Joux domain owes its name to the forest of the same name that covers it. Far from the hustle and bustle of the big ski resorts, the Haute Joux ski area offers travellers peace and serenity, with a well-considered habitat that blends in perfectly with the surrounding environment.

When you come to ski in one of the Haute Joux resorts, you can be sure of a diversity of landscapes, alternating between forests, valleys and meadows. Whether you're cross-country skiing or snowshoeing, there are plenty of routes to choose from, with the trails joining up to form a vast Nordic area.

This Nordic area has several access points to the slopes:

- Chalet de la Haute Joux in Cerniébaud: the starting point at 980m, the Chalet de la Haute Joux offers a wide range of equipment and services at the start of the runs: royalty sales, play area, equipment hire, first aid post, toboggan run, night run, non-skiing room, restaurant, reception point, ski school, pedestrian circuit, snowshoe trails, snowtubing, etc.

- Chalet de la Bourre: right in the heart of the Mignovillard forest, on the Col du Lancier at 1080m, the start of the pistes at Chalet de la Bourre is a little more isolated than at Chalet de la Haute Joux. Nevertheless, it offers a number of services: royalty sales, play area, welcome point, out-of-bag room, first-aid post, equipment hire, toboggan run, snowshoe runs, etc.

- Vaux and Chantegrue: the most northerly start to the Haute Joux ski area at 930m, the Vaux and Chantegrue runs are mainly in fairly open combes and clearings. Services offered during the winter season include the sale of ski passes and a first-aid post, snowshoe trails and a ski lift.

- Chalet des Arches (Arsure Arsurette): more than just a starting point for cross-country skiing, the Chalet des Arches trapper site is above all a multi-activity area, where different types of skier can meet in complete simplicity: dog sledders, snowshoers and hikers... ideal if you want to try an activity other than skiing!

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