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Site Nordique du Pays de Maîche - Combe Saint-Pierre

In the very north of the Jura Mountains, in the heart of the Pays Horloger, lies the first Nordic ski area in the massif: the Pays de Maiche - Plateau du Russey.
The Pays Horloger is characterised by its atypical landscapes: scattered villages where Comtois farmhouses are the main dwellings, plateaux offering cross-country skiing or snowshoeing trails with lovely open views.
The Nordic sites in the Pays Horloger are located at altitudes of between 860 and 1,060 metres.
In winter, there are plenty of Nordic activities to choose from: 40 km of cross-country ski trails, 70 km of snowshoe trails, ice skating on the open-air ice rink, dog sledding, tobogganing, etc. Ideal for a family holiday, a first time in the mountains or simply a rejuvenating holiday in the snow.
The special feature of the Plateaux de Maîche and Le Russey is the large number of cross-country ski trails: almost every village has a ski and/or snowshoe trail leading from it.

Combe Saint Pierre: the main departure point for the Plateau de Maîche, with trails ranging from the easy to the longer and more difficult red runs. This is also the site for downhill skiing and the ice rink: ideal if you want to diversify your activities.
Services on offer: self-catering room, accommodation, information point, equipment hire, restaurant, toboggan run, first-aid post, floodlit Montée run (2.2km, daily from 5pm to 10.30pm).

Leaving from the village of Maîche: an easy snowshoe trail and the Goule downhill ski station.
Services on offer: accommodation, restaurants, shops, information point, fruit orchard, equipment hire, royalty sales.
From Damprichard: 3 blue runs, including one lit run and one red run.
Services: accommodation, floodlit piste.
From Fournet Blancheroche: easy but long runs and a more difficult run around the village.
Services offered: accommodation.

The Plateau du Russey is renowned for its snowshoeing itineraries.
What sets this site apart is the multitude of trailheads. Each village has at least one snowshoe itinerary, with all levels of difficulty. Something for everyone!

Downhill skiing
Charquemont: 2 ski lifts - 1 toddler ski lift
Maîche: 1 ski lift

Hours :

Date subject to change depending on snow conditions