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Gouffre de Poudrey

Discover the Gouffre de Poudrey differently.
A dive into the bowels of the earth.
A geological phenomenon, the Gouffre de Poudrey takes you 70m below the ground, into a cave of colossal dimensions: it could contain the entire Notre-Dame de Paris. It is currently one of the largest underground chambers in France. As you walk along, you will discover surprising, magical architecture, shaped by the combined talents of water and time.
Stalactites and stalagmites and other limestone concretions form a real city of darkness.
In 2023, a new tour concept was introduced using the latest technology. Professor Fournier, who organised the first descent into the chasm in 1899, will guide visitors along the route in 5 languages using the latest equipment (smartphone + semi-open headphones).
Magnified by a new lighting system that highlights this grandiose setting, a dramatised visit, musical atmospheres and the "Music and Lights" show, the Poudrey chasm appears in a new light.
Exhibitions on karst, water and bat awareness extend the visit.

Hours :

Open from Wednesday to Sunday.