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Situated in the heart of alsacian vineyards, the Nature-Park welcome you in a beautiful 5 ha wildlifpark. Listen to the 200 free storks, dive with the otters thanks to the glass tunnel discover the common hamster…

Throughout the day, our animal caretakers offer numerous meetings during which they present the residents but also the spirit of NaturOparC: presentation of the stork but also breakfast for the otters, snack for the hamsters, aperitif for the coypu, dessert for the raccoons... are all privileged moments between visitors, caretakers and, of course, animals!


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Created in 1976, NaturOparC is a nature park inviting its visitors to a pleasant walk in a preserved wilderness, a place of quietness dedicated to observation, where it is good to stroll! The best advice we can give you is... take your time, be patient and look at every corner so as not to lose a crumb, or rather a feather, of your visit!

NaturOparC has been in existence for 44 years... and it was under the name of "Parc des Cigognes" that the story began in 1976: the park was born from the desire of Jean-Claude and Jacques RENAUD to protect the White Stork, the emblem of Alsace, which was then in danger of disappearing. Over the years, the park has created new facilities under the impetus of Jérôme, Jean-Claude's son, to offer its 120,000 annual visitors an exotic and enriching experience. On the occasion of its 40th anniversary in 2016, the name was changed to NaturOparC, more representative of the scope of the missions and activities now offered.