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Cigoland is an amusement and leisure park based in Kintzheim, a few kilometres from Colmar. This Alsatian park offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to have fun with numerous attractions as well as to discover the often emblematic animal species of the region. Far from the mad rush of thrill rides, this park favours attractions accessible to the youngest (2 to 12 years) accompanied by their parents and grandparents.

To satisfy both young and old, the Cigoland park offers many attractions and activities for the whole family. You can go canoeing, drive a jalopy and ride galloping horses! You will also find a carousel, bumper boats, the Mine Train as well as King Kong's arms (that all the children of the Alsace Centre have known!). And of course, most of these attractions are accessible to the youngest children! The Stork Park also offers shows for the whole family, including two different circus shows per day during the high season.


Opening hours: variable, please consult the schedule


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Cigoland - Storks and leisure park

For more than 40 years, Cigoland has been offering attractions that are accessible to young and old alike. Children can go canoeing, drive a 1900s-style jalopy, have fun in the giant ducks, race electric cars, etc.In addition to the attractions and activities, the Cigoland Park makes its visitors aware of the specific fauna and flora of the Ried and the Centre Alsace, and in particular of the White Stork, the emblematic bird of Alsace. By taking the aerial monorail which criss-crosses the park at a height of several metres, you can discover numerous storks in freedom, fly over their nests and see the young stork babies and their parents. Other animal species are also represented, such as dwarf goats, ponies, Alsatian cockerels, peacocks, swans and even... llamas!