Monkey Mountain Tour

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At Montagne des Singes, experience a total immersion in the fascinating world of more than 200 Barbary Macaques living free in a forest of 24 hectares. You will be seduced by the exceptional viewing opportunities and amazed by the incredible proximity to the monkeys.

Feeding sessions are held by our guides at regular intervals (every 45’). Besides seeing the monkeys being fed, you will also be given interesting information about this endangered species.

The guides along the path are not only there to keep a watchful eye, they will also answer any questions you may have and explain the behaviour of the monkeys.

New “into the skin of a monkey”: take up the challenge of trying to move like primates through fifteen playful devices on the ground or at a height protected by nets. 


Schedules vary during the season, please consult the website. Reopening on 23 March 2024!


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Monkey Mountain

La Montagne des Singes is also a research centre. Ever since 1972 scientists have been conducting studies in the park, focusing on the social behaviour of Barbary macaques.

Monkey Mountain is an ideal study ground for researchers. The Magots live in complete freedom in a 24-hectare forest. These optimal living conditions, close to the wild, allow them great freedom of action. They can organise themselves into social units and develop the full range of their behaviour.

Numerous theses and master's degrees in ethology (behavioural studies) are carried out in our park by academics from all over the world. This research work has contributed significantly to a better understanding of the Barbary macaque.