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Strasbourg’s Notre-Dame Cathedral is one of those must-see places when you visit Strasbourg. At BATORAMA, we love it with a passion. Which is why we have devised an audio guide service, in tandem with the Cathedral authorities*, which presents 42 points of interest: POPGUIDE Strasbourg.

You are greeted by the Right Reverend Luc Ravel, Archbishop of Strasbourg, who reminds us that this astounding feat of construction, “a prodigy of the gigantic and the delicate” as Victor Hugo put it, is already 1,000 years old.

1,000 years, during which it has witnessed the complex stream of history, which few other regions in France can claim to have known. Passing from Catholicism to Protestantism and vice versa, changing nationality at the whim of wars and political accords until the middle of the 20th century, Strasbourg Cathedral has overcome the vicissitudes of history like an immutable symbol, survived fires, storms and bombs to stand before you in its gorgeous regalia of pink sandstone.



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A subsidiary of the Port of Strasbourg since January 2016, Batorama is: 800,000 passengers/year from all over the world, 11 tour boats, the leading paying tourist activity in the area. Since 1947, the Port of Strasbourg's passenger transport department has been working to introduce partners and industrialists to the new port facilities. The PAS quickly felt the potential of its visits between the Rhine and the port basins.

In 1953, he acquired the Strasbourg, then another boat in 1957 capable of passing under the city's bridges. Urban navigation on the Ill then became possible. The PAS enlarges its fleet and develops its offer of tourist visits in the city centre to make it the largest paying tourist activity in the Grand Est: Batorama.