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Enter into a wide range of film sets and discover a rich collection of authentic filming from the biggest European and American film studios. Eight educational rooms illustrated with miniatures, animatronics, masks, prostheses, robots, costumes, creatures and monsters of all kinds, reveal many secrets about the special effects techniques used in cinema. From "Spiderman" to "Mrs Doubtfire" through "The 5th Element" and "Gremlin's", more than 450 mythical pieces of film delight us throughout this dive behind the scenes of secret cinema.
Admire exclusively in Lyon the complete collection of miniature scenes by Dan Ohlmann that are faithful reproductions on a 1/12th scale of our living spaces. Its confusing micro-decors of realism are surrounded by more than 1000 masterpieces of patience and dexterity made by different miniaturist artists from around the world.
Discovering the magical world of Dan Ohlmann and his own workshop, visible from the outside, you will leave for a trip to another dimension.


From Mon to Sun : 10 am to 6:30 pm. Except Dec 25th, Jan 1st. 



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Cinema and Miniature Museum