Doctor Mérieux's museum of biological sciences

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You can visit the museum in two different ways : chronological visit to learn about the Mérieux adventure, the people who have played roles in it, their discoveries and the stages in the development of the various companies ; and thematic visit to explore educational exhibits that explain scientific, medical and technical issues.
Each room is organized around three themes:

Room 1, 1897-1917: Germs at the root of infectious diseases
Room 2, 1917-1937: The first applications in human and veterinary medicine
Room 3, 1937- 1967: From serum to industrial biology
Room 4, 1967-1997: International expansion.

Dedicated to Biology, the Doctor Merieux Museum of Biologic Sciences is here to help you to understand better the infectious diseases, their diagnosis and treatments such as the vaccine discovered in the XVII century by Jenner, developped by Pasteur, till the industrial time of the Merieux family.


From Wednesday to Friday: 10 am to 12:30 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm.

Sunday from 2 pm to 5 pm.

Except bank holidays.



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Doctor Mérieux's museum of biological sciences