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In the company of a scientific guide, take a journey through the cosmos to discover planets, stars and galaxies. Forteen different sessions are available, some of which are updated every year.

Where does the Sun hide when the night falls? Is the universe limited? What is a black hole? Will Man visit Mars some day?
Learn, observe, wonder, marvel… The Planetarium, the ideal venue to discover and explore our universe, invites you to observe the sky and the phenomena that occur in it. This unique cultural facility is open to everyone: children, adults, experts or complete novices.
Sessions under the great dome, lectures, workshops, mini-courses are all available to help you learn, discuss and take your first steps in astronomy.
Sit back comfortably in your seat, look up and let yourself be led through the stars... The Planetarium's astronomical simulator takes you on a journey to the very heart of celestial phenomena: the images are projected onto a giant 360° dome screen, filling the spectators' entire field of vision. Total immersion in the Universe!
Learn to recognise planets, nebula and constellations... Or journey millions of light years from the Earth in a matter of seconds to explore superclusters of the galaxies. A scientific guide will accompany you throughout your voyage.
A session lasts for 1 hour (special 4 - 7 year-olds) or 1 hour 15 minutes. Every journey is different: you'll never make the same discoveries twice!


Programme available at the Tourist Office and on Internet. 

Depending on availability.Booking compulsory.


+33 4 78 79 50 13

The Planetarium